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People: 2-16
Type: Rooms
Price from: € 147,-

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    • 8
    • from 25m2
    • 16
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    A guest in gothic surroundings

    In a charming hillside location at the foot of the Mendel Mountains and surrounded by old trees, you will find the Gothic castle with its idyllic chapel and extensive estate.

    Over the centuries and through the turbulences of time, it has retained its special charm and today opens its doors to guests who appreciate the exceptional ambience and cosy atmosphere of historic walls.
    The complex, lovingly restored in 2015, offers a family flair in unique surroundings with its guest rooms, the large knights' hall with open fireplace and the sunny gardens with outdoor swimming pool.

    How to stay with us

    Our house has 8 charming rooms, situated on 3 floors and lovingly furnished individually by the lady of the castle. Each room has its own special character, which combines a timeless elegance with the historic furniture of the castle.
    On each floor there is a junior suite next to a double room. The large tower room on the 3rd floor with living room and bedroom enchants with a hidden balcony between the steep roofs.

    Some rooms have baroque stucco ceilings, others have carved wooden ceilings from the Renaissance; each room is different and incomparable in its atmosphere - old charm and modern comfort.
    All rooms and bathrooms were completely renovated in 2015 and brought up to today's standards.
    Due to construction, we do not have a lift in the house. All rooms have a free Wi-Fi connection.
    Our seasonal offers are a special feature: Write to us and we will be happy to send you a special offer.

    Check In/Out Information

    Arrival: from 15:00
    Departure: until 11:00

    Destination Location Distance
    Bus Eppan 2km
    Train Eppan 2km
    Airport Innsbruck 136km
    Airport Verona 159km
    Shopping Eppan/Bozen 2km/14km

    The room/apartment/property is equipped with

    • WLAN
    • WLAN in the whole house
    • Safe
    • Heating
    • Renovated/newly refurbished
    • Antique furnished
    • View


    • Room size over 20m2
    • Linen
    • Extra cushions and blankets
    • Baby cot
    • Writing desk
    • Room cleaning on request
    • Final Cleaning


    • Shower
    • Towels
    • Hairdryer


    • Breakfast
    • Products of our own farm
    • Local products


    • Sunbathing area
    • Sunbed
    • Pool
    • Terrace
    • Castle courtyard


    • Coffee machine
    • Electric kettle
    • Dishwasher


    • No pets
    • Guided castle tour
    • attached farm

    In the surrounding area

    • Mountainbike/Cycling
    • Lake
    • Hiking
    • Culture
    • Golf


    • Online payment/credit card

    Family-owned for over 400 years

    In true Gothic style, with a high hipped roof, on a hill surrounded by vines, shining in the warm sunlight, Englar Castle was built around 1441.
    The observation tower from the late Middle Ages on solid porphyry rock, in a safe position with a far-reaching view over the valley, convinced the noble family Firmian from Überetsch to consider the place good, to regard a fortified castle as unnecessary and to establish a noble seat of power.
    At the same time as the construction of the stately home, the house church of St. Sebastian was also built for spiritual edification and blessing.
    From 1621 until today - more than 400 1 years - the Counts of Khuen-Belasi inhabit, manage and revive the castle and its associated estate with style, enthusiasm and creativity.

    Geniuses of the family in prominent positions influenced and shaped the fate of the Tyrol with great idealism.
    Rainer Maria Rilke appreciated the free spirit and romanticism of the house and its inspiring surroundings and was a regular guest in Englar from 1895.
    After the turmoil of the war, the castle was almost lost and had lost much of its habitability. 
    But it is not for nothing that the count's family has a tower and a lion as their coat of arms - they have preserved the house with boldness, courage and openness.
    Today, the castle is more beautiful than ever and warmly open to guests and new things with the permanence, confidence and foresight of centuries.

    Excitement at Englar Castle - The first automobile

    A recurring guest at Englar Castle, Otto Julius Bierbaum caused some excitement when he appeared with his automobile in 1902.
    Nannerl, a girl from a simple local family with many children, who was the first to have the courage to get into the car and go for a ride, describes it like this:
    "We children already knew Otto Julius Bierbaum. When he came by car for the first time, we all ran to see the cloud of dust from afar and heard a hellish spectacle. None of us had ever seen a car before." Otto Julius Bierbaum laughed when we hid behind the barn.
    He waved us over and we took a good look at the vehicle from all sides, but when he asked who would like to take a ride, no one dared.
    If I tell you, it was only me he asked personally: "Nannele, will you ride with me?"
    I just shook my head. But he kept on talking: "If you go, you'll get a new dress, shoes, stockings, everything that goes with it." That hit home! I've never had a new dress before! It wasn't even a thought! I thought of the new clothes and climbed into the car. Otto Julius Bierbaum turned the front of the car and suddenly it started to rattle, he jumped into the car and everything shook and trembled and with a jolt it started. 
    I got so scared that I hopped out, straight into a rose hedge.
    But Otto Julius Bierbaum talked well to me, so I got back into the car. I was still afraid. And everywhere we went, people jumped to the side and crossed themselves. 
    But then I quite enjoyed the driving. We went up to the Kaltererhöh. Back on the village square we stopped and went into a shop and I was allowed to choose the material for my new dress and also a petticoat and fine lace to go with it.
    When I arrived at Englar Castle, I took my bundle and ran home.
    I really enjoyed driving and was allowed to ride along with Otto Julius Bierbaum more often. Mother sewed a new dress from the fabric just for me and I always wore it on Sundays.
    In 1903, the travel book "Eine empfindsame Reise im Automobil" by Otto Julius Bierbaum - German journalist, editor and writer from 1865-1910 - was published. It is considered the first German car travel book in German literature.
    Englar Castle
    I-39057 Eppan (BZ), Pigeno 42

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