Clam Castle

Clam Castle



Welcome by the lord of the manor, Carl Philip Clam

…the unforgettable experience in an exclusive setting!

Discover medieval flair behind the mighty defensive walls of the fortress that was never conquered.

Feel the spirit of bygone ages and join a journey through the eventful history of the past centuries.

The suites are loved by famous guests

Behind these thick walls you will spend the night in a magnificent bed. In the 1980s, Franz Joseph, the reigning Prince of Liechtenstein, often stayed as a guest at Clam Castle. Other splendid suites and historic apartments have also delighted our guests over the centuries.

Each room is individually furnished with antique pieces and also the bathrooms are elegantly designed.

For special occasions, guests can book a professional butler who will organize your private event.

Tour of the castle  

The tour of the castle starts in the arcade court and continues through the castle apothecary, armory and chapel to the living rooms of the Earls of Clam.

As well as various guest rooms you can also visit the former breakfast room which is now home to a unique porcelain collection. During the tour, visitors are able to gain an insight into life in the medieval castle over the centuries and down to the present day.

The unique feature of Clam Castle is that you are walking through an inhabited, fully furnished medieval castle.

Activities nearby

In the area around the castle sporty guests can cycle, hike, swim in the nearby lakes, experience white-water adventures and enjoy a range of water sports on the Danube.



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