History meets modernity

People: 2-4
Type: Apartment
Price from: € 80,-/p from 2 nights

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    • 120m2
    • 4
      Maximum number of guests

    Historic as well as modern

    The village of Unterloibl is on the Austrian side of the Loibl Pass, close to today's border with Slovenia and has been known as a settlement area for thousands of years.

    Schloss Unterloibl is an extraordinary place with an exceptional castle flat. Here, history and antique furniture meet modern art and furnishings. An perfect place for couples who love something special.

    The holiday flat is in the annex building of the castle and is connected to it wall to wall. Access for guests is from the car park in front of the house and the flat is at ground level, without steps.

    In the shady courtyard, which can be accessed directly from the flat, there is a romantic millstone table for cosy outdoor meals. There is also space for parking motorbikes or bicycles.

    The modern kitchen has a remarkable vaulted ceiling, under which a round dining table invites you to enjoy a cosy get-together. The living room/bedroom has more than 40 m2 and is divided by a centre column. The bathroom is functional and has a window into the inner courtyard.

    The floors consist of clinker tiles with underfloor heating underneath.

    The old vaults give the room a unique character, which is accentuated by modern lighting. The furniture is family-owned and is matched to the atmosphere of the house.

    Overnight stay from 2 nights for 2 persons possible from € 80,- per person and night.

    Final cleaning 2024/€ 100,-


    Activities in the castle:

    Guided tours of the castle: Modern art meets ancient walls

    Dinner with the housewife: Carinthian Kasnudeln are delicious!


    Outdoor sports activities:

    Direct access to the Tscheppaschlucht natural monument, climbing trails in the Karawanken, hiking trails, swimming in the Loiblbach, children's games in the riverbed with stones and sand, forest rope park within walking distance

    Lake near the Drau easily accessible by car or bike

    Golf courses in the surrounding area in Austria and Slovenia

    Cultural festivals for music and theatre, exhibitions and active work on your own art projects is also possible.

    As your hostess and as a historian and art historian, I will be happy to advise you personally.


    Check In/Out Information

    by arrangement

    Destination Location Distance
    Bus Ferlach 3km
    Train Weizelsdorf 7km
    Airport Klagenfurt 23km
    Restaurant/Einkauf Ferlach 3km

    The room/apartment/property is equipped with

    • Heating
    • Fireplace
    • Renovated/newly refurbished
    • Antique furnished


    • Room size over 20m2
    • Doppelbetten
    • Linen
    • Extra cushions and blankets
    • Baby cot
    • Writing desk
    • Final Cleaning


    • Shower
    • WC
    • Towels
    • Hairdryer
    • Cosmetic products


    • Sunbed
    • Castle courtyard


    • Coffee machine
    • Electric kettle
    • Stove
    • Dishwasher
    • Toaster
    • Fridge with freezer


    • Non Smoking
    • Pets welcome with extra cleaning fee
    • Parking area

    In the surrounding area

    • Mountainbike/Cycling
    • Lake
    • Hiking
    • Culture
    • Riding
    • Golf
    • Tennis


    • Online payment/credit card
    • Cash

    Unterloibl Castle as the setting for a historical novel

    As the castle has played an important role for the people of the region for many centuries, there is also an out-of-print novel about a special resident of the house.

    During Habsburg military service against the Ottomans in the Baroque period, a young man "rescued" a veiled and no doubt infinitely frightened young lady from one of the enemy's tents and brought her back to Unterloibl. The unfortunate stranger had to adapt to the conditions of a large household and could never really feel at home in the Christian culture of the West. Her story has been sensitively told by the author and is an example of a historical novel that combines fiction with a great deal of local knowledge.

    Author: Erwin H. Rainalter

    Title of the referred novel: Die einzige Frau, published by Paul Zsolnay Verlag Vienna, 1949


    Unterloibl Castle

    The south-east facing façade of the castle allows you to see the rock face of the Ferlacher Horn bathed in a pink-coloured light at sunset. With the blue of the sky and the green of the forest below the rocks, this is a real treat for your eyes and soul.

    Unterloibl Castle owes its present imposing structure to the desire of tradesmen who, with the help of many hard-working craftsmen, have achieved prosperity and even wealth.

    As was always in the past, the building complex was put together from different parts. Previous buildings from the Middle Ages were included and a special feature is that a second floor was built around 1680. The dimensions of the protective roof are also impressive. The current appearance was built in the early Baroque style between 1680 and 1710 and has remained almost unchanged since then. Only a balcony has been added. It rests on two pillars and was placed in front of the diamond ashlar portal of the main entrance. The railing is a wrought-iron grille.


    The Loibl Valley

    The ironworking industry in Carinthia has a long tradition. Even in Celtic Noricum, ironware (including swords!!) was an export hit. The early industrialisation in the Loibl Valley is due to the water of the Loibl creek, the wood from the surrounding forests, the ore from Carinthia's mining industry and the ideal transport routes to the south.

    The water drove the mill wheels with the gears and the hammers powered by it and the wood served as fuel for melting the raw iron.

    It was only with the invention of the steam engine that the immediate proximity of rivers became obsolete as a driving force for the hammers. The steam engine also made it possible to relocate production from the Loibl Valley to Ferlach near the Drau. Even today, the famous hunting rifles made by the Ferlach gunsmiths ( are still manufactured in Ferlach along with pistols made by the Glock company.

    Unterloibl Castle
    Unterloibl 44, A- 9163 Unterbergen

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