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Two friends, historic properties and an idea ...

Christiane Thun-Hohenstein and Gisela Meran have taken their shared passion for historic properties and made a fascinating connection between the past and present. The trend towards individual and unique trips and celebrations in historic properties inspired the two friends to come up with an unusual idea: in November 2021, they founded the ‘SchlossZimmer’ platform.


After more than two years of continuous development, their interest in the stories, secrets and charm of bygone eras remains undiminished. The time has come to become more international, which is why the two founders have changed the name of SchlossZimmer to the internationally understandable name “HistoricRooms”.


HistoricRooms fills the gap in bringing historical treasures to life. The platform unites Europe's historical heritage and makes it accessible to everyone. HistoricRooms presents wonderful castles, charming manor houses, elegant villas, city palaces and cosy farmhouses. A diverse selection of affordable accommodation and venues that breathe history offer an unforgettable experience to be discovered here.


The two business women firmly believe that historic properties are not just relics of the past, but living places that inspire us with their beauty and heritage.


We hope you enjoy discovering your favourite property and wish you a wonderful stay.


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